SWF To Image GUI 1.00

Animation is used a lot at this time, especially on the Internet in the form of ad banners. File formats depending on the use of animation software, but does not close the possibility of conversion can be done. Animation file format that has been known is .swf. Animation frame formed from a systematic, structured, and regulated by moving user. Conversion of the file can change the animation into the animation file format or a different image format. Consideration of the use of the file is the size of the file to calculate how much time is needed to show as a whole. If only the animation company, but does not establish a standard version for the image file, can be overcome by doing some conversion into the frame of the image file formats .gif, .jpeg, .png, or .bmp format, using the freeware utility, SWF To Image GUI. This software requires NET Framework, so make sure your PC already have one.

Download : - SWF To Image GUI 1.00 -


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